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Accounting for all your clients
Work securely and efficiently
in Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Revolutionise your practice.

Accountants dashboard

Display all of your client’s company information, notes, a profit and loss widget and banking widget.

Increase your efficiency

Do more with less time and access all your clients' data from one place, so you can concentrate on helping them thrive.

Company Console

The company console is designed to help you keep track of your accounting and bookkeeping tasks for each client within Accounting. Your clients can send virtual notes which appear within the dashboard for you to action.

Time tracking module

Save time by doing timesheets for your clients from your dashboard. Track projects & tasks, share files & help your clients turn billable hours into invoices.

Grow your practice in the cloud

Easily onboard new clients and collaborate with them and your colleagues on their data in real time.

Everything you need to take care of your clients

Get your practice on the cloud and access your clients and their data anytime, anywhere.
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Ongoing Support

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Enablement Assist

We can step you through the onboarding process

in detail to ensure fast and efficient set up.

Client data,
at your fingertips.

Accounting- Accountant Edition allows you to view all of your Accounting clients in one place, making it easy to access and manage.
My Clients
Access your client’s data in a matter of seconds. Set up reminders of any new notes or tasks, whether they are due or overdue.

My Calendar
Monthly and daily views will display all tasks and notes that are overdue, due today as well as those tasks that are scheduled to start.

Your Dashboard
Displays your client’s company information, notes that you need to action, a Profit and Loss widget as well as a widget with banking information.

My Tasks
Designed to help you keep track of the various accounting or bookkeeping tasks that you do for each of your clients on Accounting.

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