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For small businesses

Simple and secure online accounting
software you can access
anywhere, online, at any time


A comprehensive list of reports is available that you can print or email directly to your customers or to other users in your business.  


Simply view your Profit and Loss report or Balance Sheet. Next time your bank manager asks for these reports, you'll have them on his or her desk in record time!


Reports are available both in the Reports menu and from the many Reports sections on screen in Accounting. Drill down directly to the transactions by clicking on a line in the report if the reports are printed in detail. Choose from the wide range of reports available for customers, suppliers, items, accounts, bank and credit cards and tax.


Use budgets to keep track of your company's performance against targets you have set. You can create annual budgets from scratch or base your budgets on historical data. View your budget using the Budget Report and track your budget performance against your actuals using the Profit and Loss Report with budget comparisons.

Project Tracking

Track how specific areas of your business are performing with Analysis Codes. If your business has different locations, divisions, projects or any other dimensions that you would like to report on or compare to one another, you can achieve this easily.

Time Tracking

Time is money – and our Accounting Time Tracking add on module is designed to help you track your time and make sure you get paid for it!


  • Set up your projects and tasks.
  • Set budgets, task rates and billing preferences for each project.
  • Start capturing time.
  • Invoice out time linked to your timesheet entries or manually invoice out tasks linked to a project.
  • Link expenses to projects and optionally recharge them to your customer. Start tracking your time now by signing up for this add on module!


Multi Currency

Multi-Currency in Accounting is an add-on module which allows companies to price any goods or services in foreign currencies for example United States Dollar or British Pound Sterling.


  • Send invoices and make purchases in different currencies.
  • Set up bank accounts in other currencies.
  • Get the latest end of day Exchange Rate automatically from Accounting or set up custom rates.
  • Manage currency fluctuations easily - Accounting calculates your unrealised and realised foreign exchange gains or losses automatically.
  • Send invoices and make purchases in different currencies.


Quoting & Invoicing

Easy Invoicing


Create professional invoices quickly and easily using Accounting and find out how easy it is to manage what your customers owe you and how to get paid faster.


Convert quotations to invoices at the click of a button and use the nifty Use Last Invoice Detail option to quickly and easily generate a new invoice based on the details of the customer's last invoice. Use the Accounting Custom Layout Designer to create your own professional, customised invoice layouts.


The Custom Layout Designer is a Windows application that can be downloaded and used to design customer and supplier invoice and statement layouts.


Recurring Invoicing


You can create recurring invoices quickly and easily for each customer that needs to pay you the same amount each month.


You create your recurring invoice once, specify the frequency and the invoice detail, and your invoices will be emailed automatically to each customer for you. Or you can save your recurring invoices as draft invoices for individual finalisation before sending! The Accounting message centre will alert you to any draft invoices that need you attention after a recurring invoice run.

Convert your data

But, what if you’re an already existing business? How do you convert?
There’s information in your “old” set of books that needs to be captured in Accounting - whether your old system was a manual set of books, a spreadsheet or some other accounting software system.

Bank Feeds

Set up Bank Feeds which allow you to automatically import bank statements into your Accounting bank or credit card accounts from banks and other financial institutions. This saves you having to manually import your bank statements.


Each day when you login to your company, any new transactions available in your bank statement will be available for review in the Bank Statements screen. You will save even more time by mapping transactions where Accounting will automatically assign the correct accounts each time your automated bank statements are refreshed. Managing your bank account could not be easier!


Split your transaction lines when processing to your bank or credit card to allocate a single transaction to more than one account. For example, you may want to split a rates and taxes payment between rates and water accounts.


*Available in certain countries only

Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows

The Accounting Custom Layout Designer is a desktop tool that you can download and use to customise customer documents, customer statements, supplier documents and supplier statements.