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Popular Questions – Customising the System

Yes, you can limit user access by choosing Control User Access on the Administration menu. Permissions can be set per user.

I would like to fully customize my documents, am I able to do this? The Accounting Report Designer is a Windows desktop tool that you can download and use to create your own customer and supplier invoice and statement layouts.

For more information on customizing reports, go to Customize Your Reports using the Accounting Report Designer in the online help. Steps to customize:
  • Load the Accounting Report Designer. Choose the type of layout to customize.
  • Change the layout for your business. Note: Your company logo cannot be added onto the layout you are customizing.
  • Ensure that your company logo has been selected under your Company Details – Document Setup and Logos. Save the layout.
  • Under Company Details – Report Layouts, choose the customized layout you wish to use for each report.